Sunday School

Our main hub for discipleship, teaching  and small group interaction is Sunday School. We provide classes for all ages groups from birth to senior adults. Our Sunday School begins at 9:55am each Sunday. We prioritize solid, biblical teaching that informs minds and transforms lives.



Our well-staffed nursery provides loving care for babies and peace of mind for parents. You must checkin with our volunteer staff before proceeding down to the classrooms. Also, please be sure to fill out the necessary contact information located in the lobby.


In the toddler class, we are learning how to walk in step and more importantly we are learning how to walk with Jesus.

Preschool 1 & 2

Preschool 1&2
We have learned to walk, now we are learning how to run to Jesus.

Pre Kindergarten

Pre-K’s are always curious and always searching. We make sure we point them to the Way, the Truth, and the Life!



Teaching your growing kids the gigantic promises of God in a creative way is our goal!

1st Grade

Your child is continuing to grow and learn. We want them to continue to learn about Jesus Christ our King.

2nd Grade

Not only do we learn God’s Word together, we also read God’s Word together!

3-4th Grade

As Paul told Timothy, “From your childhood you have known the Scriptures,” this is our goal in this class!

5-6th Grade

The preteen years can be confusing and challenging, this is why it is our desire to make sure they learn to call upon the name of the Lord always!

7-9th Grade

Our goal is to make sure your teen is properly equiped to handle the challenges that they may face in an ever changing culture. We do this by making sure they understand the importance of having a biblical worldview. 

10th grade-12th grade

We desire to continue to build upon the foundation that your child has received by beginning to stress the importance of making their faith their own.


College and Singles

We are here for those who have transitioned into college or have graduated college and began a career. We desire to walk with you during this time of transition!

New Beginnings

We are here for those who have recently been married, had a child, or perhaps find themselves starting over. We want to walk with you in triumphs and tragedies. 

Married Life Class, Flynn Harris, Pairs ‘n Spairs, Auditorium, Kate Wright, Daughters of Sarah Ladies

Our adult classes are each different, some are discussion driven others are more lecture based; therefore, we invite you to try a few to see which one you may feel more comfortable in. One guarantee we will make is they all seek to “rightly divide the Word of truth.”